I recently wrote a range of design tips for graduates for Digital Arts Magazine. I wanted to give them some simple tips which help me every day that would be a little different to the usual approach every job with the same enthusiasm and always question the brief. Unfortunately they only used one of the four tips I sent them, but it was nice just to be given the opportunity.

Felt tip~
My favorite marker pen is the Berol black fine felt tip.
It is great for doing good quick scamps and picks up well in our scanner.

Wall tip~
Stick everything on the wall. It really helps you plan out a project as well as jazzing up your wall.

Tape tip~
If you decided to follow my Wall tip, may I recommend 3M Scotch Magic Tape Matt Finish (the green one) for slightly dusty or chalky walls. However if you’re lucky enough to be sticking onto glass, then I would go for the sustainable option of the 3M Scotch Removable Magic Tape (the blue one)

Little big tip~
Always push to keep the big ideas scribbled on the small bits
of paper in the first stage of a project. One day you will get them through and then you too might end up having to work out how to get a 3D Cannon ball lodged in a pub sign.

You can read more here