Will Kinchin - Design & Art Direction


Jason Gregory
GBH Creative Director / Founder

Whilst at GBH Will oversaw a number of prominent and diverse branding projects, bringing incredible flair and creativity at every level, demonstrating huge attention to detail and being adept at managing the practical issues of schedules and team management. Will’s broad approach to design means that he is comfortable working across a range of media, from graphic design and typography to advertising, film and digital, always bringing his understanding of brand communication and the importance of delivering the appropriate brand tone of voice, to the proceedings. I was very sad to see Will leave my team at GBH but I can happily say that he would be a truly valuable asset to any design team, thanks to his creative talent, energy and great people skills. 


Stuart Youngs
Purpose Executive Creative Director

Will has the incredible ability to make design look effortless (and even easy). However, behind this charming gent is an incredibly hard working, tenacious, intelligent, thoughtful, inspirational chap who is never short of ‘whizz-bang’. This, coupled with his kind hearted manner make him an absolute joy to work with (as I did for several years). Will added immense value to Purpose during his time here and I believe he would be invaluable to any creative business. I’d have him back in an instant.  


Pierre Vermeir
HGV Creative Director / Founder 

Will is highly creative, articulate, reliable cheerful, good-natured and has many outside interests which feed his ability as a designer. I have no reservation recommending him to another agency. It has been a delight to work with Will and we wish him every success in the future.