Will Kinchin - Design & Art Direction

Have you ever considered that going round in circles can be a good thing? This was the thought that inspired this educational film explaining the story behind Puma's cutting-edge collection called InCycle. Everything in the product range is fully recyclable and revolves around one of two sustainable cycles. The two processes are very complex, so the real challenge lay in making the science simple, interesting and fun.

A 'ripped fabric' illustration style inspired by the two processes, instantly helps to communicate sustainability. This aesthetics was liked so much it was quickly adopted as the collections visual identity and was rolled out across window displays globally. To differentiate the two processes in the film, each cycle has a different soundtrack to help communicate its 'organic' or 'technical' characteristics. Finally, the upbeat youthful voice of the narrator helps tie everything together and brings the narrative to life.

Designed at GBH

Art direction
Moving image