Will Kinchin - Design & Art Direction

Puma have teamed up with a sustainable denim factory and children's orphanage in Vietnam, to create a new footwear collection that really has soul. Leftover denim off-cuts from the factory are recut into shoes with all profits donated to the orphanage. The logo tears up the rule book on logo design by slicing the official Puma logo and stitching it back together to form ReCut, without any waste. The tagline 'Cutting Waste, Doing Good' simply captures the whole story and is printed inside the shoes along with an off-cut inspired pattern.

A promo film was created using factory and orphanage video clips provided by Puma. This has been recut in a lo-fi style with other bits of found footage re-appropriated to help the narrative. Even some of the sound effects from the factory and orphanage footage have been remixed into the film's custom soundtrack.

Designed at GBH

Art direction
Moving image